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Water Reserve

Create a water reserve in record time with the removable Water-Gate water barrier. The optimal solution for fire suppression or agricultural irrigation.

Why choose the Water-Gate water barrier?

Quick installation

Quick installation

  • Quick installation to create a powerful water reserve
  • Emergency water barrier with access to first responders
  • Compact product that is easy to transport and store
Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance

  • Anchorless and flexible water barrier that conforms to all response terrains (concrete, asphalt, grass, etc.)
  • Ultraviolet and impact-resistant product
  • Polymeric fabric that adheres to muddy soils to facilitate circulation in the water
Unbeatable ownership cost

Unbeatable ownership cost

  • Water retention barrier that can be reused hundreds of times
  • Versatile product that can be modified to serve as a flood barrier
  • Superior workmanship for a 20-year life span

Water retention barrier for fire suppression

The Water-Gate removable water barrier creates water reserves to help extinguish fires in rural locations far from fire hydrants.

The Water Gate removable water barrier adapts to any type of natural watercourse without exception. It uses ground relief, whether at different levels or unevenness, for better water retention in case of fire.

Water-Gate Water Barrier data sheet

FAQ - Water Reserve

1. How much does a Water-Gate water retention barrier cost?

Temporarily blocking a stream or small river is an extremely time-consuming and arduous task. In addition, it may be illegal to do so depending on the environment.

The Water-Gate water barrier is the only real solution to this problem and at a reasonable cost. After the first year, your barrier will pay for itself, and you will be able to use it for decades to come.

2. How does it work, do you have to fill the barrier with water?

The Water-Gate water barrier doesn’t need to be filled with water, as the water from the stream or river will enter the barrier and open it automatically.

In addition, because of its triangular configuration, the Water-Gate water barrier cannot turn over when filled with water and will therefore remain stable.

3. Do I need training to use the Water-Gate water barrier?

No, using the Water-Gate water barrier is very simple and doesn’t require any special skills.

However, we invite you to try it out in a small stream to see how easy it is to build a powerful water supply with little effort.

To install the Water-Gate water barrier:

  • Observe the pictograms to determine the direction of your installation;
  • Unfold the barrier directly into the water or next to it and then slide it into the water;
  • Grab the top of the canvas and unfold it to quickly push it into the water;
  • Immediately place a few rocks (found in the stream) on the front of the canvas.

To remove the barrier, simply remove the rocks from the front of the flap and lift one corner of the barrier flap, allowing water to flow under the barrier. The barrier will slip to allow water to flow through. You can then pull it out of the water, unfold it, fold it, and roll it. It's that simple!

4. What type of pump is required to siphon water from the barrier?

Regardless of the size or capacity of your pump, there is no danger that your pump’s nozzle installed on the barrier flap will remove the fabric.

The water drawn in will be free of grit and dirt. This is a definite advantage of using the Water-Gate water barrier whenever you need to create a water reserve. You will save wear and tear on your pump impellers and other components.

If the water level is low and you want to eliminate the vortex that is created above the pumping nozzle, then you can place the nozzle inside the water barrier.

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