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Temporary water diversion barrier

Respond to emergency situations with the ultra-fast Water-Gate mobile barrier, specifically developed to control and redirect water without disrupting traffic or surrounding infrastructure.


The WX Water-Gate water barrier is portable and lightweight for instant use. The ideal solution to minimize potential damage in the event of a water overflow caused by a broken water supply or hydrant.

A Unique Product

The Water-Gate WX mobile barrier is the only type of barrier specifically designed to provide temporary protection during hydrant maintenance, municipal work, or water main breaks.

Rather than holding back water, this easy-to-install barrier redirects water to avoid flooding nearby homes, businesses, and infrastructure.

A Unique Product

An investment to Save Thousands of Dollars

Knowing that a water main break can cause the flooding of basements and garages of many buildings, we have developed a mobile barrier that can be installed quickly when needed.

Its increased resistance and exclusive polymer fabric composition make it a must-have for any city, municipality, or contractor in close proximity to living areas.

WX Water-Gate Data Sheet

FAQ - Water Diversion

1. How much does a temporary water diversion barrier cost?

This few dozen-feet barrier can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single emergency intervention.

You will see a return on your investment within the first year of use. It has proven itself on many occasions!

2. How does it work, do we have to fill the barrier with water?

No, the Water-Gate barrier doesn’t need to be filled with water, as the water will enter the barrier and open it automatically. This is a huge advantage in protecting nearby businesses and residences in the event of a water main break or pipe rupture.

In addition, because of its triangular configuration, the Water-Gate barrier cannot turn over when water pressure is applied and will therefore remain stable.

3. Is training required to use the Water-Gate water barrier?

No, using the Water-Gate water barrier doesn’t require any particular qualifications.

Simple observation of the pictograms will indicate the direction and the procedure to unfold the barrier in the middle of a water current.

4. Is it necessary to use a pump in addition to the water barrier?

Using a pump is generally not necessary, as the WX-06 barrier is designed to divert water in the event of a water main break, pipe burst, or sudden downpour (not to stop water from flooding).

However, if you wish to use the barrier to stop flood water, please allow for a pumping capacity of 15 L/minute/linear meter of protection.

In such case, it is preferable to have several "small" pumps rather than one large one. It is also advisable to have a stand-by electrical generator.

We offer complete sets of pumps and other equipment such as hose racks.

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