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Stream Pollution Control Barrier

Water-Gate flexible barriers offer the most effective stream cleanup and remediation techniques due to their rapid deployment and unbeatable construction quality.

Flexible barrier that maintains stable water levels

Known for their optimal composition with release holes, Water-Gate's movable barriers allow you to control the flow of clear water at all times.

Simply open or close the release holes, located at the base of the barrier, to maintain the water level and prevent overflow.

Flexible barrier that maintains stable water levels

Treating polluted water and limiting environmental impact

Using the Water-Gate spill containment barrier helps firefighters, response teams and oil companies combat the spread of oil on the water.

Water-Gate anti-pollution barriers are your best ally whether it is to react quickly when toxic products are spilled in a stream, or for a planned water decontamination intervention.

Top quality construction

Water-Gate offers a range of flexible and robust spill containment barriers in standard and custom sizes.

Their durable polymer fabric composition ensures a lifespan of over 20 years for hundreds of stream uses.

Water-Gate Anti-Pollution Barriers Data Sheet

FAQ - Stream Decontamination

1. How much does an anti-pollution barrier cost?

Temporarily blocking a stream or a small river to stop a pollutant floating on the surface of the water is an unlikely exercise in an emergency, unless you use the Water-Gate water barrier.

Your barrier will pay for itself just in the first year alone, and you can use it for several decades. In addition, the environment is advantageously positive for this type of water barrier.

2. How does it work, do we have to fill the barrier with water?

The Water-Gate decontamination barrier doesn’t have to be filled with water since stream water or river water will enter the barrier and open it automatically.

In addition, thanks to its triangular configuration, the Water-Gate water barrier cannot turn over on itself when the water exerts pressure: It will therefore remain stable.

3. Is training necessary to use the Water-Gate anti-pollution barrier?

No, the implementation of the Water-Gate water barrier is very simple and doesn’t require any particular qualifications.

However, we invite you to do a test run in a small stream to familiarize yourself with the tool. You will see how easy it is to make a stable water pond with little effort thanks to the release holes at the back of the barrier.

To install the Water-Gate water barrier:

  • Observe the pictograms to determine the direction of your installation;
  • Unroll the barrier directly in the water or next to it and then slide it into the water;
  • Grasp the top of the canvas and unfold it to quickly lower it into the water;
  • Immediately place some rocks (which you will find in the stream) on the front of the canvas.
  • Go to the back of the barrier to adjust the release holes, to stabilize your water pond.

To remove the barrier, simply remove the rocks on the front of the flap and lift a corner of the barrier’s flap, to let the water flow under the barrier. The barrier will slip to allow the water to circulate. You can then remove it from the water, straighten it, fold it, and roll it. It's as simple as that!

4. What type of pump or equipment should be used to extract oil from the water surface?

Some large chains specializing in safety solutions offer oil absorbent products.

There is also mechanical equipment for extracting oil from water called a "skimmer" or an "oil skimmer."

Several businesses or companies can also offer absorption pads or membranes.

Here is a short list of the main specialists:

Products Sold Website Head Office Distribution Centre
Oil skimmer and absorbent elastec.com Illinois, United States World
Oil skimmer and absorbent spillpro.com.au Mayfield West, Australie Australia
Écumeur d’huile seulement skimoil.com Ohio, United States North America
Only Oil skimmer megator.com Pennsylvania, United States United States
Only absorbent quickdams.com Rhode Island, United States North America
Only absorbent spillcontrol.ca Ontario, Canada North America

N.B.: The companies listed above are just a few of the many excellent manufacturers and vendors. Please feel free to send us the names of other important companies or distributors so that we can include them in this list.

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