Aquatic works cofferdam

Use Water-Gate water barriers as environmental protection when working in or near water. The Water-Gate WA series provides sediment control for waterworks or water diversion for any operation requiring draining.

Why choose the WA cofferdam by Water‑Gate?

Quick installation and uninstallation

Quick installation and uninstallation

  • Portable, lightweight water barrier that is easy to transport to remote or hard-to-reach locations (no heavy machinery required)
  • Convenient and quick attachment with a Velcro system and no ground anchors
  • Automatically deployable cofferdam as water levels increase
High Performance

High Performance

  • PVC-coated polyester fabric construction for improved waterproofing
  • Proven resistance to UV rays and hazardous materials
  • Ability to add a heavy-duty diverter to drain up to 90 liters per second (1440 US gallons per minute)
Cost effective to use

Cost effective to use

  • Cofferdam can be used hundreds of times
  • No maintenance required and simple canvas repair in case of tearing
  • Lasts for over 20 years with occasional or short-term use

A unique product that performs well in every way

WA Class Water-Gate water barriers are exclusive in their ultra-strong polymer fabric design, revolutionizing the industry with their increased reliability and waterproofing.

Easy transportation and deployment make them the perfect solution for culvert changes, bank restoration, bridge repairs, or canal dredging, whether in urban, rural, or forestry areas.

A unique product that performs well in every way

An environmentally responsible solution

Water-Gate cofferdams are specially designed to protect our ecosystems and isolate the area during dredging or construction work.

Their unmatched watertightness and strength prevent the migration of sediments into the watercourse, thus promoting the sustainability of aquatic fauna and flora.

Construction Quality

All Water-Gate water barriers are manufactured in our Canadian plant to the highest industry standards. From the design stage, through to the industrial drawings filed, and then to the fine tuning, each step is carried out by our experienced and dedicated team.

No imitation of our cofferdams can match the quality and performance of MegaSecur's products.

Water-Gate WA Cofferdams data sheet

Use a cofferdam in a flood situation

WA class water dams can be used in case of flooding. Simply add MegaSecur ballast, and, if necessary, additional sandbags. Contact one of our representatives for advice tailored to your situation.

FAQ - Aquatic Work

1. How much does a Water-Gate water barrier cost?

Making a temporary stream or small river using conventional means such as sandbags or other methods often costs more than purchasing a Water-Gate water barrier.

In addition, it may be illegal to do so with conventional methods depending on the environment. The Water-Gate water barrier is the only real solution to this problem and at a reasonable cost.

Compared to professional sheet pile installation, the purchase price of the Water-Gate barrier will seem ridiculously low!

2. How does it work, do you have to fill the barrier with water?

The Water-Gate water barrier doesn’t need to be filled with water, as stream or river water will enter the barrier and open it automatically.

In addition, because of its triangular configuration, the Water-Gate water barrier cannot turn over when filled with water and will therefore remain stable.

3. Do I need training to use the Water-Gate water barrier?

No, using the Water-Gate water barrier is very simple and doesn’t require any special skills.

However, we invite you to try it out on a small stream to see how easy it is create a powerful barrier with little effort.

The implementation of cofferdams for aquatic work varies from project to project. After completing a few installations with the water barrier, you will quickly become an expert in the many ways to work with this tool!

4. What type of pump is required to siphon water from the barrier?

Regardless of the size or capacity of your pump, there is no danger that your pump’s nozzle installed on the barrier will remove the canvas.

The water drawn in will be free of gravel and dirt. This is a definite advantage of using the Water-Gate water barrier whenever you need to create a cofferdam. You will save wear and tear on your pump impellers and other components.

We also offer a product called a diverter, which can replace a large capacity pump. The diverter installs directly onto any size of Water-Gate water barrier. A canvas is attached to the diverter to direct the water far downstream, allowing you to drain a large portion of the stream to perform your dry work.

Water-Gate Diverter

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