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Excellence. Innovation. Quality.

Megasecur is a leader in environmental safety, and the designer of Water-Gate water barriers, and the manufacturer of other complementary products.

Focused on the innovative system and the unique manufacturing quality of its products, MegaSecur relies on the reliability, durability, and safety of Water-Gate high performance water barriers.

Creator of the Water-Gate water barrier

As the sole manufacturer of the Water-Gate water barrier, MegaSecur is a proudly Canadian and internationally recognized company. In business since 1998, we offer a complete range of barriers adapted to all situations.

Beware of imitations: Water-Gate barriers and accessories are exclusively manufactured and distributed from our plant in Victoriaville, audited by the FM Global Group, the American world leader in damage insurance.

Creator of the Water-Gate water barrier

What sets us apart

MegaSecur's Water-Gate water barriers offer fast, efficient, and integrated water management solutions.


Best water barrier

With its quality design, high retention capacity and FM APPROVED strength, one large Water-Gate barrier can replace dozens of sandbag pallets.


Quick Response

Whether it's a flood, a water main break, or a major fire in a remote area, Water-Gate is the optimal solution to respond quickly and keep everyone safe.


All Terrain Technology

The Water-Gate water barrier is flexible and versatile and adapts to all types of terrain, whther flat or hilly. It can even adhere to ice! It also adheres to all obstacles: rocks, rails, low walls and more.


100% connectable

The Water-Gate barrier is designed to be connected to other barriers of different heights or to sandbags. Ideal for forming custom protection in just a few minutes.


Eco-responsible product

The Water-Gate water barrier is designed with durable materials and can be reused many times without the need for pumps or electrical equipment. The water unfolds the barrier in a natural way, like a parachute opening on contact with the air.


Zero maintenance costs

Made of polymeric fabric and sewn with 100% polyester thread, Water-Gate is a high quality, UV-resistant product that requires no maintenance when stored in a safe place.

Our Plant

Entirely manufactured at our partially automated plant in Victoriaville, Canada, Water-Gate barriers meet and exceed even the highest industry standards. Our employees and suppliers are dedicated to ensuring the consistent quality of our products, which contributes to MegaSecur's solid reputation worldwide.

From the cutting of the Velcro to the automated cutting and marking of all product component parts, each barrier is thoroughly inspected throughout the manufacturing process. Certain manufacturing information and production process controls are verified by our employees using digital tablets. A "Quality Conforming" seal and a unique identification number are then affixed to each product to ensure conformity and traceability.

Our Plant
MegaSecur A history of passion and innovation

Water-Gate barrier creation

Daniel Déry trained as an industrial designer and started his own business and created his first company, which he named MegaSecur.

Marked by images of the flooding caused by the overflow of the Red River in Manitoba, he imagined a much faster and more effective solution than piling up sandbags to block the threatening waters: the Water-Gate water barrier.


MegaSecur's beginnings

MegaSecur opened an office in Victoriaville and began the process of finding partners to subcontract the production of Water-Gate barriers.

After the sale of a first water barrier to the SOPFEU, the company hired a sales representative, and proceeded with product marketing and the establishment of a distribution network.


Optimization and diversification of the Water-Gate line

MegaSecur worked to significantly improve the Water-Gate flood barrier and thus surpass the best products on the market. At the same time, different cofferdam models were also developed.

The City of Montreal acquired a Water-Gate water barrier (WL-0630), becoming the very first Canadian city to equip itself with flood protection proudly made in Quebec.


Inauguration of the manufacturing plant in Victoriaville

The Industrie Vitex manufacturing plant, a subsidiary of MegaSecur, moved to Pierre-Roux Boulevard East in Victoriaville.

A first seamstress was also hired at the plant to make unique Water-Gate barriers with 100% polyester thread.


FM APPROVED Certification

After extensive testing, the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center awarded the highest FM APPROVED certification to the Water-Gate Flood Barrier.


Merger of factory and administration

The Industrie Vitex manufacturing plant and administration united under the name MegaSecur, employing about 20 people in Victoriaville.


Opening of a corporation in the United States

MegaSecur opened a corporation in Newark, New Castle County, Delaware.


MegaSecur website redesign

MegaSecur is completely redesigning its Canadian website to highlight the many application areas for Water-Gate water barriers.

Awards and distinctions

Where can Water-Gate be found?

To date, 138 kilometers of water barriers have been deployed in about 30 countries such as the United States, France, Switzerland, England, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Ireland, Finland, Luxembourg, Italy, Czech Republic, Japan, Chile, Poland, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, etc.

Canada and the United States

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