This product has been tested by the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers.



inventeurThe Water-Gate water barrier was invented by Daniel Déry on the 1st of January 1998. In the comfort of his living room, glued to his TV watching the retrospective events of the new year, he saw hundreds of soldiers piling sandbags in effort mitigate the threatening flood waters which occurred in the province of Manitoba in Canada.  It is at this time, his first idea came to mind: to use long plastic vacuum bags interconnected with a float on top. The flood water would then enter inisde the bags thus, using the water to stop the water.

 Mr. Déry was amazed by the idea and wondered why it did not already exist. That evening, Mr. Déry made a small model makeshift water barrier in the kitchen sink. Only 2 cm of water was stopped by the barrier. It was a magical moment.  Now apparent beyond doubt that the principle worked very well, he began to think about the manufacturing process in order to simplify the process of mass producing his discovery.

1e-dessinAfter 1 ½ months, the idea of ​​the water barrier tormented him more because he saw great potential. To end this torment, he decided to go to the patent office in Canada to see what was invented in this area.  To his amazement, he saw nothing that resembled nor used the basic prinicples of his invention in any away. That day, he decided that it would be a new challenge, ie designing a real barrier to water and make it available throughout the world in order to provide relief to one of the worlds greatest disasters, flooding.

1e-barriere-noirPictured on the left (Photo taken on 14 July 1998.), the first water barrier manufactured and tested that could stop 70 cm of water. It was a relative success but beyond this impoundment, the barrier slid over itself because of its overly complex design.

A revolutionary product that has no comparable is also dotted with countless pitfall. Challenges expected by our inventor were much more numerous than previously thought because nothing equivalent exists to this extraordinary invention. No other product could rival its speed, efficiency and simplicity.

Baignade-300x197Even after many tribulations, lack of investors making methods developed, nonexistent safety standards, lack of specialized trade in the area and many other challenges as difficult as incredible appeared on its way. Mr. Dery did not let himself down.  He founded Megasecur which became the main supplier of the  Water-Gate water barrier. Finally, his dream began to be realized.

This is the beginning of September 1998 that the first real water barrier has emerged and the neighborhood kids are fun.